Discovering Vinyl

The Phonograph was invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison(Wiki) in his laboratory in New Jersey. Of course, it has undergone many changes in that time, and it has faced increased competition from many other devices that have been invented in the intervening 135 years.


Tapes came along and a lot of people stopped buying vinyl. CD’s came next and cassettes started to disappear from the shelves. Mp3’s came after that and seemed to put an end to CDs. One can only wonder at what comes next, thus rendering another part of our music collection obsolete. And yet…people persist in playing vinyl.

Just because the latest Hi-Fi equipment doesn’t come equipped ready to play whatever music format we have, doesn’t mean we can’t play it anymore.

Many people love the Vinyl format. From the large album sleeves and artwork, the whirr of the needle as we delicately place it on the Vinyl, to the crackle as we wait to hear the opening track.

For many,  Vinyl is a warmer sound and the whole format part of a much richer listening experience. Let the needle slide over the grooves, hearing an album in its entirety, just as its creator intended.

Maybe you’re someone who’s rediscovering old vinyl, rescued from the attic. Maybe you have a loved one or friend who wants to play their old stuff but hasn’t the equipment to do so. Maybe you’re one of the growing numbers of people that just prefer the sound of vinyl.

Whichever you are, there’s a music system for you. Perhaps you want a stand-alone player or one that combines CD’s tapes and radio. Or why not even have an MP3 player dock? Whatever your after, here at we hope to help you make your choice by reviewing the best in vintage record players on the market.

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