How to set bridge pins on an acoustic guitar?

Every part of the guitar has a role and takes on its important functions to help create quality and beautiful sounds for users. And the bridge pin is one of the important parts, so what is the bridge pin?

What is the role of the bridge pin in an acoustic guitar? And especially How to set bridge pins on an acoustic guitar? which is the main issue we will discuss deeply in the sharing information as follows.

What is the bridge pins on an acoustic guitar?

The bridge pin is one of the indispensable parts of an acoustic guitar. This is the part that holds the strings firmly on the body of the guitar so that they don’t change in height.

When the player twang the guitar strings, the vibrating would go from the neck, the bridge to the guitar’s head. Depending on the different needs of acoustic guitar players that the bridge can be set high or low.

Usually, the bridge of the acoustic guitar is made from two main materials including mica or bone. The position of the bridge on each guitar is at the bottom of the guitar string, just above the front of the guitar body.

And the bottom of the bridge has the bridge pins to help hold the strings and the guitar. 

How to set bridge pins on an acoustic guitar?

For newer or experienced users, the information on how to set and adjust the bridge pins to bring you the best and most accurate sound is really essential.

Today we can refer to 2 quite important knowledge about bridge pins on an acoustic guitar including how to sharpen and disassemble guitar bridge. Details are as follows:

How to sharpen the bridge on an acoustic guitar

In order to know how to sharpen the bridge effectively, the first thing that you should answer that when to sharpen the bridge? The position of the bridge will influence the action of the guitar.

It will be difficult for the guitar players if your action is too high to use. So, we recommend that you should sharpen the bridge and combine some adjustments on your acoustic guitar to help you get the desired action.

Below, we will share with you how to sharpen the guitar bridge that most players widely apply today.

Step 1: Prepare

– You need to prepare pencils, a ruler, fine sandpaper and rough sandpaper and a new bridge.

Step 2: You use a ruler to see how many millimeters of the bridge you want to sharpen (depending on your current action needs to change.) And use a pencil to mark the measured place.

Step 3: After making the mark, use rough sandpaper rub until it is close to the marker line, then use fine sandpaper rub again until the pencil line is lost. 

Step 4: After the rubbing process is completed, you proceed to set the new bridge to finish enjoying your new action of the acoustic guitar.

Instructions on how to properly set bridge pins on an acoustic guitar

First, you should get loose of the string from above the neck. After the string is loosened, pull the strings to the sides so the strings separate from the bridge.

The next task is to take out the old bridge and replace it with a new one. Next, after setting the string completely, put the string position back to the original position and proceed to set the string.


Above is information about the role of the bridge pins as well as guides to set bridge pins on an acoustic guitar that users should know to make it easier to adjust and replace the guitar bridge for the better guitar.


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