Which Capo is better for Acoustic Guitar between Kyser and Shubb?

As a guitarist, you will need a capo. It is a useful tool for you. It can make an Esus chord if you use it to grip your strings 3-4-5 at fret 2. You can see two popular types of a capo.

They include Shubb and Kyser. These two types are made for creating Esus chords. To learn more about these two types of a capo, keep reading this article.

We are going to show you the characteristics of each type. Then, you can determine which one is better for you.

Overview of Shubb and Kyser Capo

Shubb Capo

This capo was a partial model. It is made of brass. You can use it for one size. Also, there is no deluxe roller mechanism. You can find a bronze screw on its back. Therefore, it allows you to adjust the capo opening to suit the thickness of its neck.

Kyser Capo

This one was launched in 1999. It has become one of the most favorite choices of guitarists today. These models are made in the form of spring clamps.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shubb c7b


The Shubb capo comes with a simple design. Therefore, you can also use it with ease. It will not hinder your left hand when using it. Besides, it is hard for audiences to know that you are using a capo due to its compact design.

It is simple to carry and store the Shubb c7b. It can be placed right in the pocket of your pants or your shirt. It can prevent you from worrying about the string tension. For instance, it can still perform and the instruments sound smooth if you hook the capo to your instrument.

Its length is long enough to cover all three strings. It also allows you to hold more strings. To adjust the clamping foot, it is easy to trim the grip of this capo with the saw blade. It is not essential to use specialized tools for this purpose.


This model doesn’t offer a manual as you can get from other types. Therefore, you will have to learn how to use it yourself. Another downside of this capo is that you cannot attach it to your instruments with a thick neck. It means you have to alter the screw on the model.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kyser Capo


This one offers you superior flexibility compared to the Shubb. It allows you to rearrange your capo at the neck of your guitar with ease. It will not offer any size issue.

Its feet have an attachment with the rubber. Its features make a captivating sound. However, it is not simple to clamp the capo into the mandolin or the unison. It comes in a two-handle design. Therefore, it is not essential to screw its screws to modify. All you have to do is just to press and grip the capo on your instrument.

It just requires you to clip the capo to the belt or the headstock. It is not essential to look in your pocket. You can also store it with ease. It is an excellent choice for narrow neck guitars. You also needn’t cut it like the Shubb.

Besides, the model is made with a lot of colors. Therefore, it’s ideal for those who play in a band. It can help to impress your audience. At the same time, the model can display your group’s style.


This capo also doesn’t offer you a manual. Therefore, you have to learn which guitar you can put the capo on from those who have experience. Another way is to experience this capo yourself. Besides, the model can become looser over time. It is also hard to alter the string’s pressure.


In conclusion, both the Kyser and the Shubb have different pros and cons. Now, you get all the advantages and disadvantages of each capo. We hope our article will help you learn more about each capo. Then, you can choose the right model of capo for your instrument.

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